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Binx emerged from the depths of a dimly lit alley into the vibrant spotlight, bringing a unique perspective to the world of tattooing. Here at [Recycle Tattoo], we uphold a set of principles that aims to redefine the art of tattooing in a meaningful way. Binx’s specialty lies in the realm of realism, where he meticulously captures the [cherished memories] of our clients. Whenever they gaze upon their tattoos, a surge of powerful emotions rushes back, allowing them to relive those precious moments.

“Every tattoo serves as a genuine reflection of its owner. A skilled tattoo artist is someone who deeply understands their client’s story, ensuring that the tattoo becomes more than just a new scar in their life.”

“For me, tattooing is akin to embarking on a journey. I want our clients to feel as though they’ve traveled back in time, with the music playing in the background as the needle gracefully punctures their skin. And after each journey, we leave behind the burdens of the mind, as if they’ve been [recycled].’ All that remains for our clients are smiles and happiness.”

“I also carry a [Recycle Dream] to the United States, with the aspiration of creating opportunities for our fellow tattoo artists to practice their craft in this open-minded and diverse land. I want Americans to discover the professionalism and talent that Vietnamese tattoo artists possess.”

Welcome to Recycle Tattoo, where our artists bring stories to life through ink.

Lan Anh

Lan Anh studied fashion design, but she chose the path of becoming a tattooist, traveling from north to south in her profession to satisfy her free-spirited personality and her desire for new experiences. “In the end, I returned to [Recycle], partly because of the sense of familiarity here. The other part is that the recycling environment always values professionalism. We adhere to certain rules in the service industry and take tattooing seriously. It contrasts with my free-spirited nature, and I like that.”

“My style originates from the American traditional style, but I like to break the boundaries of traditional tattooing, infusing each tattoo with my own creative flair.”

“Many people come to get tattoos because of some pain in their lives.” If they see that pain as [a gift], and this tattoo is a reminder for them to move forward with a lighter heart, I am more than willing. But if you’re getting a tattoo to [nurture] that pain, then I don’t want to contribute to feeding those emotions. Please think it through carefully.”


As one of the early tattoo artists at [Recycle], Phúc had a period of experience learning and practicing tattooing in 2010, when this craft began to develop in Vietnam.

Despite having his own place, Phúc was determined to continuously improve his skills to keep up with global trends. In 2015, Phúc continued to study under Mr. Binx and has been closely associated with [Recycle] ever since. Here, Mr. Binx has helped Phúc refine his abilities and passion for transforming [vintage] designs into more [contemporary] versions with intricate details and color schemes in the [Asian style].

“Every Tattooist has their own specialty. If the tattoo you want is not the strong suit of that tattoo artist, it can still be done. But if you choose the right Tattooist with a compatible style, the tattoo will be even more perfect. I always share in great detail about style, technique, and the images I’ve worked on for customers to consider before [entrusting] their skin to me, and that’s also the first important factor when you choose a tattoo artist for yourself.”


“I’ve been fond of tattoos since high school. After completing my university studies, I decided to join [Recycle] to learn tattooing and make it my profession. I like [Recycle] because of Mr. Binx’s vision and his philosophy of [making a livelihood] that he has implemented here and the way he conveys his message to everyone. Here, tattooists are provided with many opportunities to surpass their own limits and develop their personal abilities within the industry.”

Through many phases, there were times of uncertainty and moments of frustration to the point of wanting to quit the profession, but luckily, I also discovered what I truly loved. That is nature! I feel comfortable anywhere there are trees, grass, and leaves. For me, every tree, blade of grass, and tiny insect has its own emotions. And I enjoy encapsulating those [natural emotions] on people’s skin.

“I love nature and feel comfortable anywhere there are trees, grass, and leaves. For me, every tree, blade of grass, and tiny insect has its own emotions. And I enjoy encapsulating those [natural emotions] on people’s skin.”

“When I hold the tattoo machine and start working, I forget about the passage of time and the space around me. Sometimes, I immerse myself in my own world, and at other times, I get to wander in the fascinating stories of my clients. ‘Tattooing’ has changed me a lot, but it also reminds me that I am still myself!”

Tú Trương

Tú developed a passion for tattooing while still a student of architecture. After a period of juggling between school and practicing the craft, Tú decided to stop studying and wholeheartedly pursue the path of a tattooist at [Recycle]. “I didn’t want to miss the opportunity for self-development in this profession.”

“For me, tattooing is very fascinating, and [Recycle] is the ideal place for me to satisfy my passion. Since my school days, I have expressed to Mr. Binx my desire to work here. Despite not having experienced it yet, I have always had faith that this is a professional and suitable environment for me to develop my skills.”

“I specialize in realism and Asian-style tattoos. My drawing talent and artistic knowledge, nurtured during my time at school, laid the foundation for my personal growth in this profession.”

“For me, tattoos are memories, a form of healing, and permanent ‘jewelry’ on the body. Let’s get some ink!”